Gary Lovini – Newsletter January 2016

Hello friends I am currently sat in Starbucks in the beautiful town of Celebration, Orlando. It is gorgeous winters day here in sunny Florida.

I have been working hard on my shows for the last few years introducing new material and tracks which has proved to be a major factor in my continued success on the newest super ships as well as all the other luxury liners I perform on.

I was honoured to be chosen last year to perform on the maiden voyage of Royal Caribbean’s fabulous new super liner The Anthem of the Seas, currently the world’s newest ship. With state of the art sound and lights and a world class orchestra my shows have gone down a storm on Anthem. The addition of my tracks have made the sound even bigger and better and proves I was totally right to get them done in the first place. I have had some great feedback from some of the industry’s top musicians and the future of cruising is all about ‘bigger and better’ so I’m all set for that!

Being an entertainer who works on a lot of ships throughout the year, the hardest thing is obviously being apart from your family. I am very lucky, however, that for all these years I have seen them all on a very regular basis as my wife (and agent!) Emma juggles the dates so I’m not away for too long at a time. We also take every opportunity to cruise together and have had many great adventures and holidays together in Athens, Istanbul, USA and the Caribbean to name but a few.

All that being said, this last year seems to have been busier than ever and has seen me being away for longer than usual. Our two week Florida holiday in the summer couldn’t have come sooner and as usual we had a magical time together.

We have had many holidays in Florida over the years and have been three times this year alone. It’s definitely our favourite place and we love it here..and THAT’S WHY WE HAVE DECIDED TO LIVE Here! Yes, you heard correct, as from November we moved to the charming and beautiful town of Celebration in Orlando to start our great American adventure! We have been talking about it for years and have decided to go for it. The children have a wonderful school to go to and we have rented a beautiful house. We also have some good friends who live in Celebration and locally who we can visit and have fun with.

It’s very scary and exciting at the same time. I have secured a three year working visa and intend to find theatre gigs as well as fully continue with my cruise work which I love. The cruise work in the summer months is mostly in Europe so we are planning to come back to the UK for 10 weeks during this time….the school summer holidays are 10 weeks in USA.

The plan is then for me to stay in Europe for a few extra weeks then return to Florida and have more quality time with Emma and the kids. It is usual for me to be away for longer periods in the winter because of the long flights from the UK to the ships in warmer weather. By living in Florida I will definitely see more of them which is better for us as a family.

So for all my USA fans, keep your eyes and ears open as Lovini is planning to perform in Florida very soon! For my British and European fans I will see you back in Europe in the Summer. G x

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17 Responses to Gary Lovini – Newsletter January 2016

  1. Joe Makepeace says:

    Nice write up and we all hope it goes really well.

    The Makepeaces

  2. Julie Ballinger says:

    Hi Gary,
    Julie here! Hope this letter finds you well. That’s exciting that you and the family moved to Florida? I was looking for your CDs, but it appears I no longer have them after Terence and I separated. How can I get my hands on your wonderful healing music?
    God Bless,
    Julie Ballinger

    • Gary Lovini says:

      Hi Julie nice to hear from you and sorry to hear about your separation from Terence. My music is all available through the website. Florida life is treating us well. Best regards Gx

  3. lionel and Jan Virr says:

    Hi Gary
    Well now we are home the Fjords seem a long way off.
    We loved your concerts and are looking forward to listening to your CD when the laundry ironing and gardening are done. Loved our trips to Florida so I am sure your lovely family will make it their home.
    Hope to attend your concerts in the future some where in the world. Best regards Lionel and Jan

    • admin says:

      Great to hear from you Lionel and Jan. Enjoyed meeting you both. Hope you are enjoying the Cd! Hope to see you again in the future Gx

    • admin says:

      Hi Lionel & Jan, it was wonderful to meet you both. I hope you are enjoying my music in the comfort of your own home! Hope to meet with you again in the future. Gx

  4. Amy says:

    Hi Gary,
    Cute family! Andrew says thanks for the great fiddle tunes! You might remember I told you about Andrew on Seranade of the Seas, but he’s actually #3 of 5 boys and 1 princess who all have an instrument or are dreaming of having one. I have to watch close so my 3-year-old doesn’t abscond away with a violin. Anyway, I was right about Andrew; he has listened to the CDs every day, and four of my little people are currently dancing away. Thanks for sharing your talent! Good times! …and hearing good music revives the desire for a young guy to practice a ton. Can’t beat that! Regards,

    • admin says:

      Hi AMY, wonderful to hear you are all enjoying my music. Keep dancing and playing the fiddle kids. I love it! Gx

  5. John and June Wright says:

    Hi Gary,Emily and Kids
    Just been on your site and surprised to see you have moved to the states.Its seems so long since being over there with you both, watching you as always
    performing brilliantly.We have now sold the bungalow at Cromer after 30 years,greatly missed but its good to try something new.Gary I wish you all the best and hope all goes well with your career,its been pleasure from day one.
    Hope to catch up again one day John/June

    • admin says:

      June & John we have very fond memories of you both. Keep in touch and hope our paths will cross again soon Gx

  6. Nigel Norman says:

    Hi Garry,
    I hope it is all going to plan.I can’t believe it is nearly two years since the Buckingham party, where you went down a storm. I regularly stay in touch with AVB and will be seeing him next month at the City Varieties.Be sure—-there WILL be another party–I do hope you will be able to make it when plans are made!
    Take Care, and regards to all the family.

    • admin says:

      Nigel..I am so sorry I have missed seeing your message on my website! How are you?! Emma and I think warmly of your birthday celebrations and of course seeing you at Lowther for my gig. Keep in touch. If you use Facebook like my Facebook page as I use that often. Warmest regards Gary & Emma x

  7. Trish Hall says:

    Hi Gary,
    What a surprise to hear you have moved to the USA ! I have had an invitation on LinkedIn, unfortunate I’m not on it.
    Hope Emma and the children are well.
    Take care, hope to see you on a cruise sometime .
    Love from Trish and Phil xxx

  8. Heather Scott says:

    We are so grateful that Gary Lovini has brought his great talent and effervescent stage presence to the United States! Watching Gary perform makes my heart sing and my feet never stop tapping!

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